Art discipline: 
Veronica Manchego is a New Zealand artist living in Berlin. Her practice involves working with found images, transforming them into drawings, collages, video, painting and digital imagery. Between 2006 and 2008 she was a director of Cross Street Studios, an artist run space she co-founded in Auckland, New Zealand. Since graduating in 2008 from Elam School of Fine Arts, she has exhibited in New Zealand, Turkey, UK, and Germany, alongside making numerous music videos and illustrations for publications. Manchego’s interests since graduating have shifted from digital techniques to mixing digital techniques with classical crafts, namely painting and drawing, while questioning what is valued aesthetically and artistically. An occurring topic in Manchegos work is self actualization - referencing past events and topics such as Lebensreform, the Olympics and mainstream media- in order to express modern day societal expectations. Although the topics Manchego deals with are quite serious, humor still plays a huge role in her work. Her approach often omits aspects to reveal contradictions that encourage the viewer to imagine, reflect, remember or create.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
2018, 39NULL, ‘Magazin für Gesellschaft und Kultur’. Artwork made for 2 articles for the 2018 Edition: ‘Errinnerung’.
2018, 'Artwork in the Dark' exhibition, Salon Gallery Berlin.
2016, Commissioned video to celebrate the launch of website for photographer Joanna Szproch.
2016, 'Karl-Marx-Platz Obsession' Exhibition Balera Berlin
2016, 39NULL, ‘Magazin für Gesellschaft und Kultur’. Artwork made for 2016 Edition: ‘Veranwortung’.
2015, Molly Nilsson Music video - Director, animator and editor for song ‘My Body’.
2015, ‘Phil And Monica’ band, album First Meat - Cover Design for LP und Tape.
2014, 39NULL, ‘Magazin für Gesellschaft und Kultur’ : Artwork for 2015 Edition: ‘Macht’.
2014, Matariki Festival, Silo park- Auckland NZ. Video Installation.
2014, 39NULL, ‘Magazin für Gesellschaft und Kultur': Artwork made for 2015 Edition: ‘Das Fremde’.
2012, ‘Ex-Girlfriends in the Age of Drones’: Exhibition curated by Linda Green/ entitle: at Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin.
2012, 'Public Access’ Exhibition: Mapped Video-Projection at the Silos, Auckland, NZ.
2011, 'I Could Have Sworn I', curated by Mark Henley: Video animation shown at Grimmuseum Gallery, Berlin, 2011 and at Daire Sanat Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey, 2010
2009, CHARLIE ASH Music Video: Director, animator and editor for music video - 'Wake Up' ’ (2,51min).
2008, ‘ Young Blood' Exhibition and competition -finalist Animation and Installation ‘Fragmented Memories' George Fraser Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand
Awards / Prizes : 
Finalist - 2008, ‘ Young Blood' competition. Auckland, New Zealand
2006 - Denise Gerard Scholarship, Auckland University