Art discipline: 
Tjalle Groen (1982, the Netherlands), raised in Belgium and currently residing in Berlin, is an allround video artist. Rooted in the underground music scene, he has implemented the DIY mentality of this scene into his video art. In 2005 Tjalle graduated as a Bachelor in Multimedia (in Kortrijk Belgium), and in 2016 he finished a 2-year course for digital video producer.

His style can be described as dark and fragmented, with a focus on atmospheric snapshots which join into a deranged hypnotic reality, embracing both the dark and lighter side of life.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
After directing and editing the music video “Icarus”, the Belgian sludge collective Darqo asked Tjalle to create a live visual experience for their “Nights in the Scullery” tour. Tjalle created and performed the live visuals in 2017 & 2018. In 2018 there was a one time collab with Albino Eyez for a live audiovisual show in Ypers (Belgium).

Last year Tjalle has filmed, edited and directed several music videos in Belgium and is currently working on a video installation. His latest work “The coronation of the Lizard” premiered on the big screen at Arts Center Buda in Kortrijk (BE).

The hands down approach for making music videos is characteristic for Tjalles process, working in close consultation with the artist, but taking care of each step in the process from the storyboard, filming, directing until the final edit and distribution.