Art discipline: 
Paloma Schnitzer's practice is the result of her interest in reviewing and problematizing the images that surround societies, focused on the relationship between devices, their functioning among people and the traces they leave. Her most recent work incorporates to video, spatiality and the mixture of media. She works with obsolete video monitors and use methods such as repetition, slow motion, analog and digital aberrations and soft montage. Noise and glitches often appear to reveal patterns of human presence, a proof of an error, through which it can be traced.

Her work is of a research and experimental nature, specialized in the deconstruction of what people take for granted from the world, aiming to create dialectic relationships: between spoken languages and technological languages, the mechanical and the organic, construction and destruction, mistakes and traces.

Devices play a fundamental role in her work, both in the process of creation and in the content as a topic. In her video-sculptures, digital images are displayed on obsolete analog machines, with cables and connectors exposed, mounted on objects that draw attention to specific points in the screens. The combination of textures builds an atmosphere of a future that never was or a memory of something that didn't yet happened.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 

2018 – Weserhalle, “Speculation”, Berlín, Germany.
2018 – Alte Saline Hallein, “Schmiede–No plan”, Hallein, Austria.
2018 – Maloj Sceni Hrvatskog, "free_art_-_glitch", Karlovac, Croatia.
2018 – Gallery Siva, “fu:bar”, Sagrev, Croatia.
2018 – The Exchange Gallery, “Experimental Video Show”, Pennsylvania, USA.
2018 – Loophole Berlín, “Joseph Joseph”, Berlín, Germany.
2017 – Greenhouse, “There Ain’t No Future”, Berlín, Germany.
2016 – BA Photo, “Oscilante”, Bs.As., Argentina.
2016 – Zona Temporalmente Autónoma, “Be Water” Bs.As., Argentina.
2013 – Faena Arts Center, “Fundación Varioletto”, Bs.As., Argentina.
2011 – Festival FASE, Bs.As. Argentina.
2011 – Tecnópolis, Bs.As., Argentina.
Awards / Prizes : 
*Film selected as part of the “Labour in a single shot” installation, by Harun Farocki & Antje Ehmann.
2017 – CAC, “Labour in a Single Shot”, Vilnius, Lithuania. *
2016 – Fundació Antoni Tàpies, “Harun Farocki. Empatia”, Barcelona, España. *
2015 – Venice Biennale, “ All the World’s Future”, Venice, Italiy. *
2015 – HKW ,“Labour In a Single Shot”, Berlin, Germany.
2013 – "Best Trailer", Alternativa Teatral (Argentina).

2018 – Schmiede, Hallein, Austria.