Art discipline: 
After a few years as a restorer of paintings, Nora Ciottoli was the curator of the Davide Lajolo Foundation in Milan. At the Foundation, she organized meetings symposia and exhibits, and edited a num-ber of articles between 2001 and 2003. Her work is devoted to exploring the intersections between digitally manipulated pictures and poetry. She works with visual material from archives and creates digital photo books. Some of her work has been selected to participate in national festivals and competitions such as the 12th edition of the “Riccardo Pezza National Prize of Photography” (2007), and also “Imballaggi poetici”, where she presented her work of poetry in images (Cagliari, 2008). She participated in the “Premio Celeste /The Celeste Competition” (her work was included in the catalogues) (2008), and in “Final Cut”, a collective show (Milan, 2010).Other exhibitions with ticon3 collective: “Isole”, Vinodromo, Milano (2010);“Osservatorio Modulare”, showcase “Naturarte”, Lodi e S. Colombano al Lambro (2012); “Erbe, erbacce, interfacce e limiti”, showcase “Mattonelle d’artista”, Fondazione Banca Popolare, Lodi (2013); collectice show NaturaORDINEDISORDINE curated by Elisa Resegotti, Giardino di Pianamola, Bassano Romano, VT (2015); “Immagini di carta 01” curated by Silvia Bordini, Chiesa dell’Angelo, Lodi (2017); “Collective Papers”, Nearburg Gallery-Dartmouth College Hanover NH USA and Williams Hall, Colburn Gallery, University of Vermont, Burlington VT USA (2018);
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Nora Ciottoli
Fairytale eCO2
According to a recent study by researchers at the Universities of Bremen and Innsbruck, the
melting of glaciers today would not stop even if our CO2 emissions were to drop to zero; due to
the slow reaction of the ice, the ruinous process is now destined to continue until the end of the
century. Only if emissions had stopped at what they were in pre-industrial times could we have
avoided it.
In this series of photocollages, characters from a lost nineteenth century world populate natural
scenarios that are also perhaps destined to disappear. Men, women and landscapes come from
the beautiful period photographs preserved and shared by the National Library of Norway, the
northernmost state in Europe, whose northern foothills reach as far as the North Pole.
A fairytale universe of which a part is still reality. Will we be able to prevent it, too, from sliding
definitively into an imaginary memory?
Awards / Prizes : 
Some of my works have been selected as part of national events and awards: XII edition of the National Photography Award Riccardo Pezza (2007), poetic packaging, visual visual exhibition of contemporary poetry (Cagliari, 2008), SAF - Condemned to create ( Sardegna arte Fiera, Cagliari, 2008), Premio Celeste 2008 (publication in the catalog).