Art discipline: 
2018 - Doctor of Fine Arts / Hacettepe University - Painting
2013 - Master of Arts / Selcuk University - Painting
2005 - Bachelor / Hacettepe University - Painting

Neslihan Öztürk was working with Prof. Dr Adnan Turani as an apprentice in his art studio between the years 2007 - 2011. This master & apprentice relation helped Öztürk to develop her artistic view. Turani founded two art faculties in Ankara who was also educated in art in Germany in 1950s. Because of this art education of her master Turani, Öztürk's art is a kind of bridge between the two countries. The artist is mostly using water based paints for the artworks where she combines the abstract and figurative understanding. The artist dedicates her life to learn more about this life in which humankind has been evolving for millions of years. So, the artworks are expressing the balance between colours and lines, and also expressing the cuteness.

Important projects / Exhibitions: 
These are the important projects/exhibitions made in 2018

Neslihan Öztürk's Play of Painting, Workshop Performance, 15th of July 2018, Eiswerderstr. 18 Haus 129 13585 Berlin, DE
"14 for London" - Exhibition of Painting- 9th of June - 10th of August 2018, Babel Art House - London, GB
"Devamlı Hikâyeler / Continuous Stories" Exhibition of Painting, 14 - 25 May 2018, Ankara Üniversitesi Kültür ve Sanat Evi Ankara, TR