Art discipline: 
He lives and works in Lodi and Milan. He created the NATURARTE group of Lodi following the experience with the artist Giuliano Mauri. He has always been involved in artistic curating for the Province of Milan and Lodi. It achieves the diploma of Artistic Maturity and him it graduates in Architecture near the Polytechnic in Milan. He has achieved the qualification to the exercise of the profession of architect with Examination of State near him same Polytechnic. He developed the profession near the Sector Culture of the Province in Milan dealing himself with cultural goods, guardianship environmental exploitation of the artistic-historical patrimony and organization of great shows and events expositive taking care of organization, preparation and image. He has taught history of the art to the course for technical potters of the C.F.P. of Praises, currently it holds courses of "Meeting with the art" near the university of the Three Ages of the same city. From 1976 to 1980 it is president of the System Librarian of Praises, organism of coordination and promotion of the cultural activity of the territory. In 1981 it collaborates with Bruno Munari to the initiative "to Play with the art", activating with children and adults laboratories for the education to the visual communication. From the 1985 work in the circle of an aesthetical search to comparison with other initiatives giving space to the educational and creative experiences of other artistic operators, organizing you shows
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
GREENER coordination Mario Quadraroli