Art discipline: 
1975 born in Cologne
2000-2008 study at Acadamy of Applied Sience Hamburg
lives and works in Cologne
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
2019 “BUSSI“ – Groupshow, Quolabo Studios, Cologne
„Wer kann, der soll“ –Groupshow, Kunstgruppe, Cologne
2017 "VARIOUS INK, Solo Show, gallery pop;68, Cologne
"Wahnsinn", Groupshow, Schmitz, Cologne
"Linien", Solo Show, Domschatzmuseum Halberstadt
2016 “BUSSI”-Groupshow, Velangel, Cologne
“The Snooring Princess”, Schmitz, Cologne
2015 ”WYSIWYG”, Solo Show, Cuchifritos Gallery New York City
2014 “ohne titel aber mit melone”, 5,26m3 Space, Cologne
2013 “the future has a silver lining”, Solo Show, Galerie Frei, Cologne
Awards / Prizes : 
2015 Studio Residency Artist Allaince, LES Studio Program, New York City
2013 Studio Residency Art -Academy, Thomas Grünfeld, St-Moritz, Suisse
2012 Studio-Residency, Lepsien Art Foundation, Düsseldorf