Art discipline: 
The main research of the Artist focuses on the exploration of the daily experience and of social life in today’s world, relating it to various settings and historic periods.
His frail structures are composed by twists and chaotic paths that suggest instability, structural and interior imbalances and a lack of consistence that defines the Artist’s main concern.
The complex, airy assemblies are made with fine sticks, light and tangled, and seem to belong to a globalized reality, more than to an exact time and place. They may well find their origins in prehistoric times as well as in the future – in our planet or, perhaps, in another galaxy.
Less is more, and the harmonious simplicity of these disordered erections is at the same time reassuring and destabilizing. These are intimate, imaginary, introspective creations that intuitively resemble the human condition – places and non-places that make us think of a conceptual space both fragile and inadequate, which is sadly familiar to the reflective Man.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
-Iseoistalla 2019 Iseo Lake (Brescia) (I)
-Disordine Costituito 2019 Bergamo (I)
-Naturarte 2018 2019 Arsenale di Bertonico (Lodi) (I)
-Inabitati 2018 Nembro (Bergamo) (I)
-Collettiva Luglio 2019 Venezia (I)