Art discipline: 
2009-2013 Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, bachelor in Graphic Arts and Design - Macedonia
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
10/04/2014 Solo Exhibition "Ratrace", at Kula, Skopje, Macedonia
2013 Creating the Kula Art Collective with 20 artist members and 2014 Opening a venue called Kula (Tower).
2015 A long term project "Cultural Center Kula" funded by Embassy of the Netherlands.
28/08/2017 Solo Exhibition, "I didn't write, so I drew", MCP, Postojna, Slovenia
23/12/2018 Group Exhibition, "Под Земја Полесно се Дише VI" (Underground is easier to breath 6), Underground garages of Plochnik, Skopje, Macedonia
06/04/2019 Group Exhibition "Raw culture", MKC, Skopje
Awards / Prizes : 
15/09/2018 "Insitu art - Skopje" - "Award for emerging artist", Skopje