Art discipline: 
Emanuele Tira is an independent curator and art director of the cultural association CAMPO.Graduated in Cultural heritage at the Università deli Studi di Pavia, and specialised in Curatorial Practices with honneurs at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano.Among the curated exhibitions we remember: The Dismantling Machine, the ecology by art, at Studio02, Cremona, exposition that analyses the ecology through the work of art. The exhibited artists were: Stefano Boccalini, Brunivo Buttarelli, Valeria Di Sabato, Ettore Favini, Ottavia Fiameni, Daniela Gorla, Simone Pellegrini, Marko Tadić, Luca Vitone, Dania Zanotto. At the Fondazione Adolfo Pini of Milan, FOUR, in collaboration with Maria Chiara Baccanelli in occasion of Nasan’s Tur exhibition at the exhibiting spaces. The show appointed four young artist to analyse the concept of man and the relation between man and nature.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
Communication Manager Project GREENER Berlin Open Art