Art discipline: 
BSc in Mathematics and Physics (France), MEng in Computer Science (France)
1997 - 2003 / Banking career in Hong Kong and Tokyo
2006 - 2008 / Tokyo National University of the Arts / Oil Painting
2010 - 2012 / The University of Tokyo / Artificial Life
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Dab Mashin decides in 2004, after reaching the finals of the art competition PremioArte in Milan, to devote himself entirely to the arts and, after studying art and artificial intelligence in Tokyo followed by a 3-year world tour, settles in Berlin in 2018. A broad spectrum of professional and educational experiences in the economic, scientific and artistic fields, nourishes his constant desire for hybridization in both content (tactile paintings in destination to the blind -Milan 2005, a mixed-media painting on a Japanese tatami mat -Milan 2005, paintings with ceramics surfaces -Tokyo 2012, an Ikebana Machine out of industrial machinery and natural plants -Tokyo 2014) and context (charity collaboration, public art, martial arts, science, architecture).

His latest project ©DATAlity, a term coined from the combination of the words (Big) Data and Personality, is a direct visual transcription as an abstract painting of datasets from artificial intelligence, biology, economy, etc. The change of context, from utilitarian modernity to classical art, elicits an emotional response from the observer and may contribute to build empathy towards such "living" systems.

Important projects / Exhibitions: 
2018 Drawing Art collaboration with Japanese artists / TADD#1- Tokyo, Berlin
2014 Text for All-Japan Kendo magazine / Brush, Sword and Culture筆絵と竹刀と文化と- Tokyo
2013 Creation and direction of a contemporary theatre piece combining Kendo, Tea Ceremony and Sound / HAtoHA葉と刃 / Tokyo National University of the Arts- Tokyo
2013 "Transmissions" / simultaneous show at 3331 Arts Chiyoda and AirPlane Gallery- Tokyo, NYC
2013 "The Whole and The Part" / Art collaboration with photographer Jin Tsuchida / Gallery Kingyo- Tokyo
2012 Painting Gift to University of Tokyo Professor and multi-media artist Takashi Ikegami / Beauty in Sciences- Tokyo
2009 "Giovane Seta" / Onward Gallery, curator Kōji Kunitani- Tokyo
2008 Graduation Works Exhibition / Tokyo National University of The Arts- Tokyo
2007 "Foreign Influence: Ten Legal Aliens Making Art in Japan" / Tokyo National University of The Arts- Tokyo
2006 Participation in the Public Art project Sustainable Art promoted by Nakamura Masato in the 2000s- Tokyo
2006 Fundraiser Event at French Embassy for charity organisation Doctors of The World / EMI笑- Tokyo
2005 Text for clanDestino Arte magazine / Speranza = Potenzialità, Molteplicità- Turin
2005 Hanging of large-scale sculptures in the center of the city in an attempt to slowdown passersby / "Penetrazioni Imperfette" / Le Trottoir- Milan
2005 "Scritti Collettivi" / Sagapo- Milan (solo)
2004 Fundraiser Event for charity organisation Amnesty International / "Power Of Love"- Milan

Awards / Prizes : 
2005 Giovani Artisti, Arte e Solidarietà / Annual Selection of the City of Milan, Marina Mojana- Milan
2004 PremioArte (Painting) / Finalist- Milan