Art discipline: 
Alice studied Drama and Theatre Arts (BA) and Performance Making (MA) at Goldsmiths in London. She moved to Berlin three years ago and founded 'The Room of Eyes' - an interdisciplinary sonic performance event currently held at Alte Münze. Alice is a classically trained violinist and teaches as well as working as a freelance artist and musician. She most recently performed with Colin Self as part of his opera 'Siblings' as part of CTM festival.
Important projects / Exhibitions: 
The Hellfire Project was founded in 2013 by Rob Hart and Alice Colley. They have performed at various venues across the UK and Germany including a ten day residency at 'The Greenhouse' in Berlin in June 2017.
In 2018 Alice founded 'The Room of Eyes'. Since then she has curated seven events and one two day festival at Kindl Zentrum in Neukölln and two events at Alte Münze to date. Two of these events were part of CTM's 'Vorspiel' festival.
In February 2018 Alice exhibited a solo performance at Gallery 46 in Whitechapel London as part of the 'Liminality' exhibition.
Awards / Prizes : 
In 2018 Alice was awarded 2000 euros from Neukölln Bezirksamt in order to fund her interdisciplinary music festival 'The Room of Eyes' held at Kindl Brauerei in Neukölln.
In 2019 she was awarded 3000 euros from Neukölln Bezirksamt for 'The Path of Capricorn that takes place at this years 48 Stunden Neukölln. This production takes place in the historic Vollgutlager, Neukölln.
In 2017 Alice was awarded a bursary to participate in 'Morni hills' an artists residency near Chandigarh, India.