Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Salber Williams is a Portuguese-Zimbabwean multidisciplinary artist, based in Berlin. With a background in physical theater and classical texts, her work makes use of the body and spoken language in both live performance—encompassing theater, dance, performance art—and video art, as she explores the racist and gendered identities of the seemingly mundane. Of particular interest to her is how these characteristics morph over geographies and time.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Recent projects include “Seen” with Pierre Depaz, an interactive media installation addressing questions of technology and individual identities, shown at Zönoteka, Berlin. “That Fly 70s Sci Fi…” a collaboration with Ncube, which explores a time in the future where black people are on the verge of extinction; every household requires a robot officer to serve and protect them. “Integrate ‘er”, a collaboration with Iva Topolovec as part of the English Theater Berlin’s 2018 Expo exploring migration and homeland, “RHINO”, a live dance-theater performance inspired by Ioneco’s "Rhinoceros" investigating transformation, the practise of othering, and the question of choice in today's political landscape.
“Agitpropfüralle” with Berlin-based theater company Die Happy Few—a theatrical intervention spreading utopian ideals of a model of existence independent of the politics of today, which was performed at the rallies of all political parties: SPD, CDU, FDP, die Grünen, and AFD throughout Germany in the weeks leading up to the Bundestag Elections of 2017.