Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Liudmila Kartoshkina-Siewerski aka Pastellilac is a video and new media artist who lives and works in Berlin and St.Petersburg. She studied directing and script writing of theater performances (at St.Petersburg State University of Culture and Art), audio-visual communications (at the Media School, Finland), and video art (at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin) and received her MFA from the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Arts in Berlin.


Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Kartoshkina-Siewerski has participated in several workshops and residencies, including Dokumenta XIII in Kassel, Pori AIR (Aalto University, Finland), Summer Art School in Sremcki Karlovci (University of Arts in Berlgrad), and "Challenge my fantasy more" (Parkauer Theater, Berlin).

Her art works have been presented in several solo and group exhibitions including II Moscow Bienalle of Contemporary art (Russia), Festival of Contemporary Art „CyberFest“ (St.Petersburg, New York), „I am going to seek“ and „Ruder Project“ (Pori, Finland), CTM Festival (Berlin).