Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Oil painting, Paper cutouts, Sculptures
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Solo Shows

2019 The great silence of these distances / Tampa Florida, USA (Cass Contemporary).
2018 Favoritismo / Santiago, Chile (Galería Animal).
The allure of devotion / Berlin Germany (BC Gallery).
Dissolution of all enchantments / Bern, Suitzerland (Soon Gallery).
2016 Willow Waltz / Berlin, Germany (BC Gallery).
2015 Strange enthusiasm in troubled times / Berlin, Germany. (Sibyllas Gallery).
2014 Benzo Solo / Berlin, Germany. (Sibyllas Gallery).
2013 Chez joe #7 / Benzo. Paris, France. (Chez Joe temporary space).

Group Shows

2019 The new classics show / Montreal, Canada (C.O.A. Gallery).
2018 Destination 131 / Paris, France. (Forum des Halles).

2017 Berlin Papers / Santiago, Chile. (Espacio La Cocherra).
Paint it forward / Tampa Florida, USA (CASS Contemporary).
Modern Fusion / Berlin, Germany (The Art Scouths).
Jedno - s Drugim // One - Another / Zagreb, Croatia (Izložbeni salon Izidor Kršnjavi).
What the gallery weekend is II / Berlin, Germany (Urban Spree Gallery).
More than this / Berlin, Germany (Mommsen35 Gallery).
Knotenpunkt 17 / Hamburg, Germany (Affenfaust Gallery).