Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Photography, sculpture, video art
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Solo exhibition:
2015 Video art, "X", Artist house TLV, Tel Aviv
2013 Selected works, "Worth of nature in Body", GG3000 project, Berlin
2012 Installation, “Missing and complete” , Vyšehrad Art Gallery, Prague
Interactive installation, “View_Point”, Visual Art atelier, Prague
2008 Interactive installation “Side Walk” The Jerusalem Artist's House, Jerusalem

Selected group exhibition:
2019 Paper work, "washing my dirty laundry" ,wall Art Space, Berlin
2018 Sculpture, "Golden Dancer", The forth wall Art Space, Berlin
Video Art, "Side", TIME is Love.10, Brazil
Installation, "Via Joseph", Kindl gallery, Berlin
2017 Video Art, "Side", TIME is Love.10, ZKM , Karlsruhe, Germany
Video art, "X", Gate 3 gallery, Haifa, Israel
2016 Paper cut, Babel Tower, Schema Projects, Brooklyn, NY
Installation, "Via Joseph", Plateau Gallery, Berlin
2015 Photography, "Layers", Pasinger Fabrik, Munich
2014 Installation, "Layer", Musrara Mix, Jerusalem
2013 Video Art, "Playing hide and seek with D[eath]",Nod Gallery, Prague
2012 Photography, “Untitled”, Public space, Rishon le Tzion, Israel
Photography,” My past life as a tree”, Gallery of Art Beit Igal Alon – Ginosar, Israel
2011 Performance, “Communication”, DIE FABRIKANTEN, Vernon Gallery, Prague
Video Art, "Playing hide and seek with D[eath]", TINA B, Prague