Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
From attempting to capture the movement of raindrops to visually registering the sun's journey across the sky, there is a sense of purity and wonder that pervades Marcos Mangani's work. By making use of chemicals like potassium ferricyanide—with which he documents the evolving qualities of sunlight—or the copper sulphate that allows him to make time tangible via the creation of sparkling man-made geodes, he proposes a magical approach to grasping the earthly. From Mangani's haunting Prussian blue cyanotypes to his precious stones, the process of experimental meeting natural gives us something positively esoteric. The artist as alchemist.
In his quest to record the shape of water, the movement of sunlight, the passing of time, Mangani invites us to join him in acquiring an innocent eye. Like a young child unfurling into the world, he discovers the everyday miracles of nature's common offerings—the patterns of flow created by a crystalline stream, the shadows thrown by reeds under a summer sun. All actions proposed by the very spaces themselves, into which he enters quietly to observe and listen.
And beyond an inherent awe of naturalis mundi lies a desire to soothe that most human of exasperations—that felt before the passing of time. The way our surroundings change and evolve, much in the way we do. It is through the pursuit of this registry that the innocent seek, to reveal what's hidden behind our very own walls. To finally grasp that which slips through our fingers.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Marcos Mangani was born in Argentina in 1990. Between 2008 and 2011 he studied Visual Arts at UNA. His work has been exhibited in group show since 2009 in different art spaces and galleries. Some of his participations in residencies are; MANTA (San Martin de los Andes, Argentina) with a grant of the National Founds of Arts in 2014, KIOSKO (Santa Cruz de las Sierras, Bolivia) with a exchange grant of Panal361. in 2015, Manifiesto Alegria (San Lorenzo, Salta, Argentina) with a grant of the National Founds of Arts in 2016, ArtAmari Residency grant (Crete, Greece) in 2017 with the support of the
Argentinian Embassy in Greece.

Among his outstanding solo shows; “Exosphere” in Espacio Kamm in 2014, “Energy discharge” in Under-Museo in 2015, “The landscape pictures itself” in KIOSKO gallery in 2016, “Natural Movement” in ICBC fundation in 2016.
Actually he lives and works in Berlin, Germany.