Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Elena Parati is a journalist, writer and producer of programs for television. She attended and graduated
from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. In her art she uses photography and video. Her works
includes: Dynamic Press, video and installation (Milano 1999), Tra le mie dita innamorate/Between my
fingers in Love, video documentary (2002), Angeli e merc-atto/ Angels and Market-act created with the
group In-quiete, which was a site-specific and relational intervention in urban space (Milano); “Isole”,
Milano (2010);“Osservatorio Modulare”, rassegna “Naturarte”, Lodi e S. Colombano al Lambro (2012);
“Erbe, erbacce, interfacce e limiti”, rassegna “Mattonelle d’artista”, Fondazione Banca Popolare, Lodi
(2013); Mostra collettiva NaturaORDINEDISORDINE a cura di Elisa Resegotti, Giardino di Pianamola,
Bassano Romano, VT (2015); "Immagini di carta 01" a cura di Silvia Bordini, Chiesa dell'Angelo, Lodi
(2017); “Collective Papers”, Nearburg Gallery-Dartmouth College Hanover NH USA and Williams Hall,
Colburn Gallery, University of Vermont, Burlington VT USA (2018); “Greener than you think”, Biblioteca
Laudense, Lodi (2019). Dittici (2015) and Piumini (2017) are two self-published photobooks.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
than you think
Elena Parati - breath
The Lessini mountains are located in the Veneto’s Prealps. It is an area with karst phenomena, a land
rich with cavities. The shepherds of Lessinia, who lived in close contact with nature, knew very well the phenomenon of
"sordie “: They are the sounds from the subsoil. It happens in fact that, in karst areas, after strong
thunderstorms, one can hear low-frequency sounds coming from underground cavities.
The project "breath" is a journey through this landscape where the air, just like in taking a breath, runs
from the surface into the abysses and then seeks a way out. The landscape of the upper Lessinia
looks like a human body, a large creature that emits a slow and long sigh through the sinkholes and
the deepest cavities.