Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Diana Danelli works on the theory and practice of Electronic Arts. She holds a degree in Philosophy
(Aesthetics), and has created her original concept of “Immaterial Robotics” that she describes in the essay
“For a Digital and Low Density Sculpture” included in the collective work: In a fire that shapes them
(Prometheus Ed., 2000). She is the author of other essays among which on “Cybernetic Opera” in a
collective papers entitled “Man and the Machine, thirty years later” (Laterza ed., 2000) and in “Art,
Electronics and Genetics” (Torino, Trauben). Also “Eso-Uomini. L'uomo fuori di sè” (ExoHumans. The man
beside himself) in AaVv, Arts and techniques in the twentieth century. Mario Costa Studies, (Kaiak Editions,
2017). She has held conferences and seminars at various institutions and has taught the art of multimedia
installations and video installations at the Academy of Santa Giulia in Brescia, Italy. Her work includes net
art, multi-media installations, live media, videos.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Some others exhibitions also with ticon3 collective:
“Zeitkammer” curated by Silvia Bordini, Castel Velturno (Feldthurns) BZ, (2009); “UrbanScreen: aquae”,
Lodi (2011); Isole, Galleria PUG, Milano-Pero (2011); “Osservatorio Modulare”, event of “Naturarte”, Lodi
and S. Colombano al Lambro (2012); exhibition “DonnEuropArte”, Roma (2013); “Erbe, erbacce, interfacce
e limiti”, at “Mattonelle d’artista”, Fondazione BPL, Lodi (2013); “Festival Cinque Giornate/Five Day
Festival”, (Acusmatic music, dance by Marcella Fanzaga and video), Milano (2014); Collective exhibition
“NaturaORDINEDISORDINE” curated by Elisa Resegotti, Pianamola' Garden, Bassano Romano, VT
(2015); exhibition “c-DAP più che danza”, Teatro dell'Arte, Milano (2015), “Tesseratto#01 Acusmonium
Audior”, at Macao, Milano (2017); “Immagini di carta 01” curated by Silvia Bordini, Lodi (2017); “Fatti di
terra”, at Stanza - Ci sono cieli dappertutto/Lessness Project by Beppe Sebaste, Narni TR (2017-2018);
“Collective Papers”, Nearburg Gallery-Dartmouth College Hanover NH USA and Williams Hall, Colburn
Gallery, University of Vermont, Burlington VT USA (2018); “Greener, than you think”, Biblioteca Laudense,
Lodi (2019). Nora Ciottoli, Diana Danelli, Elena Parati are the members of ticon3 (Italy). Diana Danelli Project "GREENER"
Auszeichnungen / Preise: 
Some of her works has been selected to participate in festivals such as BALANCE UNBALANCE 2016
“Data Science + Eco Action", Manizales, Colombia; “Les sons du climat” / Motus, Parigi (2015); “Play
lumanoise!” concert for Lumanoise and video, Milano (2015); Selezione Oscar Signorini 2007, Galleria
d’Ars, Milano; Premio Art Marathon 2006, P.zza della Loggia, Brescia. And also: Concert with Acusmonium
and “Antarctica”, at “Fuoco Aria Terra Acqua”, at the Orlandi Hydroelectric Power P