Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Graduated at “Brera Academy of Fine Arts” of Milan, Italy. She has achieved the high school diploma of “Liceo Artistico of Brera”, Milan. She collaborates with “NATURARTE” project of the city of Lodi and a Humanitarian Foundation of Milan. Teacher of graphic arts at “Liceo Artistico A,Stradivari” high school of Cremona, Italy. As ambassador Rebirth/Third Paradise Proiect of Michelangelo Pistoletto, Cittadellarte of Biella, Italy. Daniela Gorla Fossa has taken part in several exhibitions. Her recent artworks are all inspired by the environmental art. Since 2012 she is concerned with Digital Art recycling parts of communication that invade the social networks in general. From the chaos of communication and from the signs of nature, she is able to create a language full of symbols and deep sensorial colours. Her recent artistic researches are a mix of art, nature, sacredness and environment. Her artistic installations show different social problems. Her great environmental installations, carried out with branches and arboreal materials, are about the theme of nature. The “Great Mother” belongs to a project of new environmental installations site specific which interact with the children and with the people living in the areas. Her “Border Rivers” belongs to a series of Digital Art works where wounded female bodies, hurt by men, are willing to express a border, a frontier. In this work the female bodies represent a metaphor of peace and earth injured by humans.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
GREENER artistic direction: 'Project Land Art - Colle di Bordocheo', Lucca Toscana,practical artistic like social event”; 'MeMORY-migrant objects” installation Land Art al Momu, Mother Museum, Naples; ; MeMory' installation site specific Art in Nature, a desire to Tonino Guerra, hospice for elderlyn C.Lucchi, Crema; “FORMA URBIS - migrant pebbles of River” installation site specific, Archaeological Museum of Lodi Vecchio; 'River siren' Wastewater of Nosedo - Salone del mobile 2017, Milan;“DURCHGANG ;MENSCHENSEELEN“ – Alienart Berlin, 48 STUNDEN NEUKOELLN 2017 Berlin; Happy Earth Days - Project “The great mothers' PAN Palace of Arts, Naples with the participation of PAV of Torino, CittadellArte of Biella;' Blending water' at the 'Border Rivers' performance with 10 artists and projection video of the artist Diana Danelli; 'Land Art - Campi Flegrei Naples XI Edition' - practical artistic like social event, Leaf association, agency born in 2006 for the protection of the territory in the north-west of Naples – Italy; Invited to submit her artistic project 'The Great Mother - the art in the nature as social practice' Meeting "ETHICAL BEAUTY”EXPO 2015, at Space ME and WE Women for Expo, Italy Pavilion, Milan;Green 267 and New Green' performance with branches and leaves, recording and projection video of the artist Diana Danelli. at the Villa Fabrizia Arte of Bertonico, Lodi, Italy; Greath Mothers and new spores' installation with branches, Fiume Adda, Pizzighettone,Italy;
Auszeichnungen / Preise: 
'Venus - The Detachable Car, the ecology through the art' at Cremona whith NABA, Milan;'Karma confinanti' Biennial Art Venice 2017, Tibet Pavilion; 'Siren of River -great mother' installation art in nature, steel and vegetable material sculpture m12X6,5, at Depuratore of Nosedo, Milan, event of Expo 2015 – SPORES, NECESSARY SIGNS' Installation, Biennial International of Contemporary Art of Florence IX edition; https://www.facebook.com/daniela.gorla2; http://www.danielagorla.info/