Werdegang / Ausbildung: 

Sound Designer, composer and artist based in Berlin.Besides researching industrial, electronics and ritual soundscapes he collaborates and performs with contemporary artists...

*4.11.88 Milan

2010 BA of Sound Design IED Milan

2011 Sound Designer at MARNI Milan

2012 London

2013 Berlin
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
DIAMANTENJAGD - IN FAVOUR OF DARKNESS live performance with Mischa Badasyan and Alex Pastore (Sound) works by Yasmin Alt, Stefanie Bühler,Julia Körner,Hannah Nelson-Teutsch

Takt Kunstprojektraum presents: Maria De Faria / pedda Borowski The Peep Box Exhibition Performance by project behind of the thought monologue with the life, Kunstraum Tapir
Sound Performance: Dylan Bakker, Alex Pastore

QUIET VIOLENCE 5 visual artist / 10 sound artists Kunsthalle HB55 (Sound performance)

Gape 03 - In Her House - Miriama Kardošová Plateau Gallery (Sound performance)

JOSEPH LOUGHBOROUGH exhibition + ALEX PASTRE live act at NOMAD store & gallery (Sound performance)

Wirkungsfeld 28.11. - 04.12.2015 Mit Werken von: Gisèle Gonon, Cédric Mantel, Clémentine Rettig 27.11. 19h: Eröffnungsempfang mit Sound Performance von Alex Pastore and Scott Sinclair
(Sound performance)
UNDERDOG Laure Catugier Maycec (Sound performance)

Attilio Tono OPW2a-b + Sound Alex Pastore (Sound Installation)

Sound Designer at f°am Studio/ZEITGUISED Berllin
Rookie Athletics: A corrected trajectory, BASF - KEEP IT REAL
(Sound Design)

Video installation BLACK AIR 블랙 에어 Chan Sook Choi, Seoul
BLACK AIR was presented at 19th Feb. at the Vision Hall by Hyundai Motor studios. This works selected by VH AWARD and will be finally screening at the ARS ELECTRONICA 2019 @ Linz this september. (Sound Design)